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Confident Woman


As part of our SEAT ten-week cohort, you’ll learn the fundamentals of nonprofit board service.  Unpacking board governance from a fiduciary and fiscal responsibility, examining the roles of officers, committees, and staff, and how to effectively engage with board members through decision making and problem solving skills are just some of things you will learn.



Our SEAT program meets once per week for ten consecutive weeks from 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM.  The first five weeks is intensive training, followed by three weeks of engaging activities to solidify learned concepts, followed by the final two weeks of meeting with leaders of local nonprofit organizations who are poised to diversify their board.



While attending our SEAT program, you will journey with like-minded minority community residents who are interested in bettering their community through nonprofit board service.  Additionally, you will engage with Executive Directors of local nonprofit organizations whose perspective enriches the understanding of board service from a different lens.


Our bi-monthly SEAT Skillworking sessions provide our SEAT alumni support long after they’ve graduated and been seated on a nonprofit board.  It’s a great opportunity to reconnect with your cohort, meet other alumni, and sharpen your skills through peer-to-peer and professional development.

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