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84% of nonprofit board members are White while only 13% are Black
and Hispanic

90% of board chairs are White to a mere 8% Black
and Hispanic


The root cause is two-fold.  First, nonprofit boards are unable to find and too often devalue community representation from their targeted service neighborhoods.  Second, residents of underserved, minority communities lack confidence to serve on a local nonprofit board and little to no training is available to equip these residents.

SEAT is designed to increase diversity and inclusionary efforts of nonprofit boards by equipping and presenting residents from minority neighborhoods for

board service. 


Gained skill sets include identifying transferable skills, understanding nonprofit structure, understanding board governance and preparing for board engagement.

The Board SEAT program is innovative, efficient and well organized.  The interview process was expeditious and fun!  We found an excellent candidate whose Board SEAT training has enabled her to add value to our board from day one.  She has brought enthusiasm, professionalism and perspective to our board of directors. Thank you Board SEAT - we look forward to our continued partnership!


Kathy Maiolo, Chair Board of Directors

Pamela Dale, Chair, Governance Committee

The Center for Family Justice, Inc. 


We were very impressed by the quality of board candidates that you worked with last year which of course is a testament to the quality of the SEAT program itself.  Finding good board members is always a challenge and finding good YOUNG board members even more so.  We are appreciative of your service and hope to be involved this year as well.


Russ Cooper, Board Chair



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