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SEAT alumni join nonprofit panel discussion

Updated: May 18

We are excited to announce four members of our SEAT alumni are guest panelists for the 2023 Center for Nonprofits Conference! From the conception of our SEAT program, we’ve believed minority voices from underserved and underrepresented communities deserved to be heard and earnestly included in the decision-making process of community-based nonprofit organizations. This opportunity far exceeds our expectations, and we are grateful to The Center for Nonprofits at Sacred Heart University for providing this influential platform.

Our alumni session runs from 10:15 AM – 11:15 AM, but we hope you will attend the entire conference. Anne Yurasek, Managing Principal of Fio Partners will serve as keynote speaker, and a second panel discussion on ‘The Relationship Between CEO and Board Chair’ will include panelists from Marrakech, Inc, Sterling House Community Center, and Family & Children’s Agency.

This conference is FREE for all, but registration is required. We hope you will attend but If you cannot, please help us congratulate our alumni as they are positively impacting our communities, one SEAT at a time!

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